The Power of Portable Insurance Coverage

The last blog post on Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage (“UM/UIM”) ended with a question to ponder regarding such coverage:

“What if I was in somebody else’s car? What if I was walking down the street in Hoboken when a car ran into me?”

Ah, grasshopper, it’s good you come with a thirst for knowledge. It will serve you well. But first…


I digress.

A nifty feature of UM/UIM coverage is that it’s “portable,” meaning it covers you and your immediate family when any one of you rides in ANY motor vehicle or is in ANY way injured by an event that relates to a motor vehicle.

Did Johnny get hurt because somebody rear-ended the school bus?

Your family can recover from your UM/UIM coverage.

Did the Hoboken hobo crash into you at a crosswalk in Hackensack?

Your family can recover from your UM/UIM coverage.

Did your spouse suffer injury as a result of somebody else’s bad driving while riding as a passenger in a taxi cab or the boss’s car?

Your spouse can recover from your UM/UIM carrier.

Did a get-away driver fleeing a bank robbery careen into your daughter as she crossed the street?

Your family can recover from your UM/UIM carrier.

Did you suffer a broken neck because the jerk driving your golf cart tried something stupid?

You might be able to recover from your UM/UIM coverage if the golf cart qualifies as a “motor vehicle” under the policy.

Did a passing car’s passenger throw a rock that crashed through a friend’s living room window, causing you to suffer cuts as you watched “Matlock?”

You can recover from your UM/UIM carrier for an injury you sustained while at your friend’s house if a motor vehicle was in some way related to the injury you suffered.

In short, UM/UIM coverage provides insurance protection when a motor vehicle-related event causes you or a member of your immediate family injury AND the wrongdoer doesn’t have the coverage or the assets to pay for all your damages.

It’s hard to decide how much UM/UIM coverage one should carry. To answer that question…

You guessed it! Stay tuned for the next blog post!

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