Brendan Loves to Stack ‘em and Pack ‘em

I know you’re waiting, eager to learn what aspect of Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage rates as Brendan’s favorite.

The UM/UIM topics covered previously in this blog were spellbinding.

What could top them?!


Brace yourself!

Let’s say you own 10 motor vehicles.

It happens.

Now pretend that you purchased a bare-bones policy of $25,000 in BI and $25,000 UM/UIM on each of those 10 vehicles.

Now some boneheaded driver hits a car that hits a car that pushes a grocery cart into traffic, causing another car to swerve to avoid the grocery cart. When that last driver swerves to avoid the cart, he careens into you while you wait for a bus.

You suffer broken bones in your legs, arms, and rib cage. You’re in the hospital for days. Your medical bills total $100,000. You are out of work for one month.

The bonehead who caused the first collision doesn’t have any insurance and they’re driving a YUGO, so you know they’re poor as dirt and can’t pay for your damages.

Are you left to financial ruin?

What to do, what to do?

Sue your UM/UIM carrier for $25,000, the UM/UIM coverage on one measly car?

Hell no!!!

Sue those bastards for the maximum available to you under New Mexico’s “stacking” law…

Sue them for $250,000!

That’s right. In New Mexico you get to add all of the UM/UIM coverages you purchase together when you claim for damages under the UM/UIM coverage portion of your policy.

So you have $25,000 UM/UIM available to you on 10 vehicles. $25,000 x 10 = $250,000.

And this same analysis applies if you purchase UM/UIM Property Damage coverage. So if the bonehead, through a chain-reaction collision, causes a car to crash through the front door of your house, interrupting you as you watch “CHiPs,” you can claim for the total UM/UIM Property Damage coverage on your 10 vehicles!

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