If I’ve Been Hurt and the Other Person’s Insurance Adjuster Has Called Me. Why Do I Need a Lawyer if I Can Settle the Claim Myself?

There are a few reasons you need and should hire a lawyer.

First, the insurance adjuster is not your ally and s/he is never your friend. Adjusters are trained to minimize your injuries and damages in order to minimize the insurance company’s loss in an insurance claim. The adjuster will cast doubt on your choices for medical treatment, try to convince you that certain treatment methods don’t make a difference, and otherwise try to get you to give up on getting better and thereby abandoning your claim.

Second, anytime you pursue an injury claim there are mountains of paperwork to deal with. It’s a real pain in the butt, especially if you’re not accustomed to keeping track of all the stuff you need to keep track of in injury claims. You have to keep track of doctor's appointments, medical records, medical bills, and all kinds of minutia. It’s a great relief to just get your lawyer to deal with it.

Third, there are nuances to insurance claims that are just plain confusing and burdensome. Your health insurance carrier may have a subrogation claim against any financial recovery you make.

And if you’re on Medicare or Medicaid, the law compels you to make reimbursement. If you don’t, Medicare and Medicaid will come after you for their money.

And they’ll get it.

They might even penalize you for not having protected their interest.

Juggling all your different claims, each insurer’s reimbursement claims, and several adjusters is an administrative nightmare if you aren’t set up to do it. Brendan’s law firm can administer any size of an insurance claim, even if there are more adjusters than you can shake a stick at, so save yourself the headache and let Brendan and his firm do the job for you.

Brendan will organize all the paperwork, keep track of all the adjusters, make note of all the sums owed to insurers and health care providers, and ensure that your interests are protected so that you can live your life, recover from your injuries, and move on to better things.

Fourth, an attorney is trained to make sure that the insurance company plays fair. When the insurance company doesn’t respond to letters, doesn’t adjust the claim fairly, and otherwise plays unfairly, an attorney can pursue the claim such that you may have an additional claim for insurance bad faith. Bad faith is a complicated area of law and one that attorneys study intensely. Let Brendan fight with your adjuster so that he can determine whether the insurer is acting in bad faith.

Finally, any insurance claim is maddening, especially if it involves your or a loved one’s personal injury and financial damages.

Look, Brendan goes against insurance companies for a living. He’s been in two collisions after which he pursued an injury claim against the other driver’s insurance. Brendan is generally a calm, easygoing, get-along-go-along, nice guy. He’s a different, kinder lawyer.

Yet Brendan screamed into the phone at the jerk adjusters assigned to each of his two claims.

Each adjuster knew Brendan was personally invested in his and his wife’s claims and they goaded Brendan by questioning his and his wife’s medical care. Then they tried to blame him for the collisions, each of which was clearly the other driver’s fault. The adjusters were just playing typical adjuster games.

Lawyers are trained to keep a “professional distance” so that they can act rationally and analytically. But when it’s your own claim it is very hard to keep a “professional distance.”

When you scream obscenities at an adjuster over the phone — as Brendan did and as you very well may! — it’s harmful to your legal claims.

So even as somebody trained and practiced at working injury claims against insurance companies, Brendan hired other lawyers to finalize his claims. Sure, he could have done it himself.

But he would have stroked out!

And buying peace of mind was worth every penny.

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