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A Different, Kinder Lawyer

A fourth-generation New Mexican, Brendan O'Reilly grew up in Ruidoso, where he attended Ruidoso public schools through eighth grade when his parents moved to Albuquerque. In Albuquerque, Brendan attended Jefferson Middle School of the Albuquerque Public Schools and St. Pius X High School, from which he graduated in 1994.

As a high-school senior, he entered a contest and won the “Funniest Teenager in Albuquerque Stand-up Comedy Championship” with impersonations of Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Ross Perot as characters aboard the Starship Enterprise.

At Hendrix College in Conway, Ark., Brendan majored in politics with a minor in gender studies. During his junior year, Brendan participated in American University’s “Washington Semester” program and interned at the White House in the Office of the Vice President assigned to Mrs. Gore’s office.

Brendan worked in and around Little Rock as a journalist for a few years after his 1998 graduation from Hendrix College. But he wanted to return home to New Mexico.

He finally returned to Albuquerque in August 2001 to work as the communications director for the Democratic Party of New Mexico. He then worked again as a journalist before switching to golf equipment sales. In 2004, Brendan started law school at the University of New Mexico. He has practiced law since 2007.

At the University of New Mexico School of Law, Brendan served for three years as his class’s elected representative to the faculty committee, he worked as the research assistant for the dean of the law school, and in 2006 attended the Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University’s School of Law. The Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution rates is among the world’s best mediation and dispute resolution training programs.

Brendan’s achievements at the University of New Mexico School of Law included winning the Dean’s Award for his contributions to the law school, the Hugh B. Muir Oath Project contest, and the Judge Oliver Seth Award for Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Ethics.

After he was sworn in as a member of the State Bar of New Mexico, Brendan worked in several different legal jobs before founding The Lawyers O’Reilly PC in 2019.

Brendan is proud to have his dad, Mel B. O'Reilly "of counsel" to his law firm. "Of counsel" is just fancy lawyer talk to describe an experienced attorney who advises attorneys on how to handle various things that arise in the legal field.

In 2021, Mel B. O'Reilly celebrated his 50th anniversary as a New Mexico lawyer. Mel is so generous with his time that Brendan always has a more experienced ear to bend.

But time with his dad is really what makes the arrangement worthwhile.

That’s why Brendan offers a consultation on most legal issues and major life decisions.

Just Ask for Help

At the very least, you’ll enjoy meeting Brendan. He’s down to earth and generous with his time.

“Sometimes a person just needs a friendly ear or a helping hand and I’m willing to help. If you have a legal issue or you need help with something else, I want to be your first call and the first person you go to as a resource. I’ll listen to you and assess whether resources exist for you to manage the problem on your own or whether you need the help of a lawyer. And if you need help with something that doesn’t involve the law, I’ll try to help.”

As a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs, Brendan is familiar with hard-luck situations and the need to persevere against long odds.

Our Promises

  • A Proud Local Boy

    Born and raised in New Mexico, Brendan is very active in civic affairs and politics. He tries to help you even when he's not working on your case!

  • Protect Yo’self Before You Wreck Yo’self

    Relax, we'll handle everything. Brendan negotiates with the insurance company, so you don't have to! And on Estate Planning matters, he'll counsel you about how to protect your assets and dignity.

  • When You're Mendin', Get Brendan! Wanna Will it to your children? Get Brendan!

    With weekday and weekend appointments available, we're here for you!

  • Chat with Us

    Personal Injury cases: Free 30-minute evaluation with the attorney and counselor-at-law Brendan O’Reilly.

    For all other matters, Brendan charges $275 plus tax for a one-hour consultation and he'll credit you that amount if you retain him as your lawyer!

Our Story

In August 2010, Brendan reconnected with Amy Hawkins, with whom he had ridden the school bus in Ruidoso in the mid-1980s. Unbeknownst to Amy, Brendan had a huge crush on her back in the day. So, in September 2010 Brendan sent her birthday note on Facebook. He quickly convinced her to get married, pick up sticks, leave Las Cruces, and join him in Albuquerque.

Brendan and Amy married in June 2011 and live in Albuquerque with their two dogs—Oliver Bauer, and Isabeau Rose.

Amy and Brendan are both native New Mexicans whose respective families trace their roots to 1880s New Mexico. Brendan’s maternal grandfather, Don G. McCormick, chaired the 1968 State Constitution Convention to overhaul the New Mexico Constitution.

Amy’s great-great-grandfather, Albert B. Fall, served as one of the State of New Mexico’s inaugural United States Senators and as Secretary of the Interior under President Warren G. Harding, before Fall’s career ended ingloriously.

How Brendan Can Help

Brendan can inspire people to advocate for themselves through his example. Brendan has suffered and persisted through eye problems all his life. By asking for help and through self-advocacy Brendan attended law school on a scholarship provided by the New Mexico Commission for the Blind. To assist Brendan as his career progresses, the Commission for the Blind has provided materials and training so that he can thrive as an attorney.

“My vision problem is subtle. I can see, I even play golf poorly, but it is very hard for me to read a printed page, so I need computer gizmos to increase font sizes, read aloud from a printed page, and read what’s on my screen. The Commission for the Blind has really come through for me and I’m grateful for the assistance.”

Brendan’s struggles and triumphs give him a unique understanding of and perspective on the ordeal that people face when they suffer a personal injury, wade through difficult legal issues, have major life changes as in a divorce, or need somebody to fight for them.

Brendan advocates for estate planning and personal injury claimants to obtain the maximum recovery possible under the law.

If Brendan Can’t Help You, Rest Assured He Will Try to Help Find Somebody Who Can

Brendan can also incorporate a business with the New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or as a Professional Corporation (PC), draft all the required documents, and walk folks through the process to obtain a Federal Tax ID and to jump through hoops for the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department.

Brendan provides general legal advice on most matters, excluding patent law. If you need a power of attorney, a last will and testament, a living will, estate planning services, help with a divorce, or a business incorporation, then Brendan wants to help.

And in life’s darker moments, Brendan can lend an ear, work on your behalf, handle your divorce or business dissolution, litigate probate matters, and defend licensed professionals against licensure violations prosecuted by or on behalf of New Mexico’s boards and commissions.

Brendan's Promise

What does a “different, kinder lawyer” mean anyway? Brendan's mission is to serve as a learned and trusted family friend while dispensing legal services and serving as a counselor-at-law.

Through his different, kinder approach, Brendan wants to help people live their lives by reducing the anxiety associated with engaging a lawyer’s services and counsel.

Call (505) 591-0808 or contact us online now to get in touch for your consultation.

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