• Very Warm & Unpretentious
    It is a pleasure to write this review for Brendan O’Reilly, Esq. Brendan recently represented me for my slip and fall injury which required surgery. He worked tirelessly for almost two years. The additional complication of my case was the fact that I live outside the state of New Mexico. I am also an immigrant whose second language is English and at times I was lost in translation. Brendan was very patient with me and took the time to explain legal procedures which I am not familiar with, as I grew up in another country.

    I also suffer from a disability and Mr. O’Reilly understood my situation and was very empathetic and understanding. He also helped me psychologically by easing my anxiety about the case as he calmly shared examples of his previous cases which involved similar types of injury. His wonderful sense of humor certainly put me at ease.

    Mr. O’Reilly regularly kept me in the loop about my case’s progress. The outcome of my case was much more favorable than I expected even though the case took place during the COVID-19 pandemic which was an additional hurdle that we overcame by working cooperatively. I highly recommend Mr. O’Reilly especially for anyone who is an immigrant or suffers from a disability, as I found him to be very warm and unpretentious, a rare quality in a lawyer.

    - K.B.

  • Amazing in Helping Us
    Brendan was amazing in helping us set up an LLC for some commercial property we wanted to purchase. He knew exactly what language the mortgage company wanted to see in our new LLC and made that part of our purchase easy and simple. We highly recommend Brendan and The Lawyers O'Reilly PC.

    - J.W.

  • Recommend Brendan O'Reilly Without Reservation
    Brendan O'Reilly is an excellent attorney. He represented us in a complex traffic accident case and we are very happy with the outcome. At every step in the process, Brendan was knowledgeable and responsive. We recommend Brendan O'Reilly without reservation.

    - T.O.

  • They are Fighters!
    Brendan and his father, Mel, represented me for nearly 20 years chasing a judgment I received in CA against a notorious cult that moved from CA to NM. In my case, the defendants tried every trick in the book to dodge accountability, but Brendan and Mel stayed on their heels, exposing the leaders' deceit, and their illegal transactions to hide assets. Mel and Brendan fought tirelessly and won my case in the end. (It went all the way to the NM supreme court!) I can highly recommend Brendan, because he and his dad stayed in the fight for me, enduring threats and abuse by the defendants, and they never called it quits, which they could have per our contract. Brendan was especially great at explaining things to me in laymen's terms, helping me to understand every action taken, and making me feel comfortable, almost like I was family. He's very down-to-earth, has a good sense of humor, and carries no air of superiority like so many high rolling attorneys. He's just a really good guy, with great people skills, and great values. Cost-wise, they were also reasonable. I am so very grateful to Brendan and his dad for their hard, tireless work, and their determination to see my case through to the end. They are really good peeps, and they are fighters!

    - M.S.

  • Extraordinary, Compassionate & Competent
    Brendan is a man of extraordinary compassion and competence. His integrity is of the highest order. He seems to be a pretty fine lawyer, too! He handled my affairs in an efficient manner, explaining each step along the way, and did so without a bunch of legal speak. I highly recommend him for any of your legal needs from wills and trusts to criminal defense!

    - W.B.

  • Tony Byatt's Testimonial
  • Gave me a peace of mind.

    I have known Brendan since his childhood when he was my patient in Ruidoso. I’ve known him as an adolescent, an adult, and as a lawyer. He has always struck me as kind, compassionate, bright, principled, and well-intentioned.

    I recently sought help from him on a legal situation. I now live in Connecticut and Brendan could not represent me. But he gave his time freely, answered my questions, helped me prepare to find and interview an attorney licensed in my jurisdiction, and gave me comfort and peace of mind.

    - Michael S.

  • Professional in all aspects and extremely trustworthy.

    I met Mr. O’Reilly two years ago. At that time, I was unable to find a lawyer for my case. I then reached Mr. O’Reilly who said this was also out of his area, but would have my files reviewed and assist me in finding an appropriate lawyer.

    He did find me a lawyer and continued to keep contact with me several times to make sure things were going well.

    I found Mr. O’Reilly very kind; a good listener; professional in all aspects and extremely trustworthy.

    I will continue to refer him to friends and acquaintances and certainly hire Mr. O’Reilly for all legal issues that I require.

    - Carol K.

  • Unpretentious and well versed in the law.

    Finding an attorney to support me in obtaining redress for my husband’s untimely wrongful death was daunting. My husband, who was an attorney also, died driving off a cliff in Taos on a poorly-marked road.

    Since I live out of state I had only spoken with Brendan O’Reilly on the phone. Those conversations had always been legally informative with an empathic ear to my struggles, but it did not prepare me for our in person meeting. Brendan was finally able to bring the State to the table for a settlement conference, no easy task.

    I arrived in Albuquerque for the settlement conference in the evening and to my surprise, Brendan offered to meet me at his office. We talked at length about the case and exactly what I should anticipate for the following day’s proceedings. He was unpretentious and yet very well versed in the law.

    At the settlement conference the next day he was kind and understanding to me, but a strong advocate for my case and a skillful litigator dealing with the opposing attorneys.

    His patience and persistence not only helped me get through the wearisome, long day, but it resulted in a substantial settlement for my children and me.

    My sincere thanks to Brendan and his team!

    - Laurie B.

  • Brendan never lost sight of the goal.

    Brendan took on a very difficult and complex wrongful death case that few other lawyers would even consider. He worked with my family for several years, tirelessly, and produced an unbelievably positive result.

    This situation was very personal and painful for our family, and Brendan never lost sight of the goal or pressured us to do anything with which we were not comfortable.

    Brendan was honest, forthright, thorough and was true to his word as a different, kinder lawyer.

    - Chris B.

  • Professional with a calm, friendly hand.

    A relative of mine was arrested for DWI in Albuquerque, tested to be over the legal limit, and was incarcerated at Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center. I had no ongoing legal representation in the Albuquerque area but was able to contact Brendan O’Reilly through a friend for help.

    Even though there was no formal or ongoing arrangement, Brendan immediately interviewed me for all pertinent information and acted promptly to ascertain my relative’s situation, allay her concerns and mine, and inform the authorities of his status as her representative. Throughout the series of communications with me, Brendan not only provided me with detailed legal information and status but also offered sincere personal comfort and concern.

    It was like having an old and infinitely trusted friend and advisor at the helm. Brendan’s clear-headedness and meticulous explanations of the situation and the attendant options were invaluable to both me and my relative.

    These kinds of occurrences are never pleasant, but this one demonstrated a sterling professional with a calm, friendly hand, advancing my cause with concisely directed action. These are the marks of a truly fine attorney and counselor, Brendan O’Reilly.

    - Cy L.

  • I highly recommend Brendan O‚ÄôReilly.

    Brendan is very knowledgeable. Certainly regarding the law. And also regarding medical issues and their relation to the law. Brendan asks all the right questions to get to the essence of the matter. He also knows who to talk to on the opposing side and how to approach these persons to influence favorable outcomes.

    When I was facing a potential misdemeanor for a motor vehicle related incident on base, Brendan was able to negotiate just a small fine and no conviction. This kept my clearance from being jeopardized. Brendan talked to the right prosecutor to reach a very fair settlement.

    While drafting my will and advance healthcare directive, Brendan walked me through end-of-life scenarios and details which I had never considered. Brendan drilled me on these issues multiple times until I could fully articulate my wishes for these circumstances.

    When I was recently in an automobile accident, Brendan made sure, against my own inclination, that I sought immediate medical attention. By the time I reached the urgent care center, I was indeed needing care for whiplash symptoms. Brendan also very quickly took charge of my still-pending case and spared me from all dealings with insurance adjusters.

    I highly recommend Brendan O’Reilly. He is a very fine attorney and an equally fine person. I regard Brendan with the utmost trust.

    - Robert J.

  • Kindness, patience, and fastidious attention to detail

    Brendan’s father, Mel B. O’Reilly, has represented me since 2003 in a complicated fraud case in which a religious cult and its members moved from California, to Oregon, and to New Mexico to evade a 1989 $1 million judgment I won in Sacramento. Since early-2012 Brendan has also represented me. The religious cult hid assets, dodged justice, foiled discovery, and defied court orders. Mel and Brendan persisted undeterred. Exasperating!

    Brendan and Mel tried the case against the religious cult and its members in 2012. By that time, it had been about 23 years since I first won judgment against the cult in California and it had been about nine years since I’d hired Mel.

    The district judge waited another 3 years until 2015 before ruling my case time-barred. Mel and Brendan could have jumped ship at that point, but they did not. They stood by me and with another lawyer they appealed the trial verdict to the New Mexico Court of Appeals. In August 2018 the Court of Appeals issued its order.

    We won! With interest the cult and its members have been ordered to pay me more than $4 million. Brendan and Mel have collected a large portion of the judgment.

    Brendan takes after his dad in his kindness, patience, and fastidious attention to detail. Their help resulted in my finally obtaining justice and partial satisfaction of the judgment I won more than 30 years ago.

    - Maura S.